Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012

June's been an exciting month. Ben graduated Kindergarten, we celebrated Father's Day and cousin Caleb's first birthday. Ben also returned to his old day care for their Summer Camp program and so far has been to the zoo, a laser tag arena, bowling, the movies and a water park. He is also completing his math workbook he needs to hand in when he enters first grade at the end of the Summer.

We celebrated Ben's cousin Caleb's first birthday
Weena and Ben with the birthday boy Caleb

Madelyn, Weena and Ben enjoying the party

Ben and Leah work on a game as Weena looks on

Ben and Madelyn smile as Caleb enjoys his cake

Ben, Madelyn and Leah hang out with Caleb

Caleb, the birthday boy enjoys his cake

Ben playing cards

Card shark

Playing Uno with Mommy

Don't let this face fool you

Another win!

                                                               Pictures from Father's Day
Enjoying Pops Day

Best Father's Day present ever with my best buddy!

Celebrating Father's Day with cupcakes

Ben reads his Graduation card he got from Aunt Kim

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