Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ben's Camp Goes To The Nats Game

Today Ben's camp went to the Nationals - Mets game. I took the train to the ball park while Ben's group took their bus in. I was able to get a cheap ticket outside and I hung out in the lower box seat area and shot some photos before I joined Ben's group. Still need to learn how to get clearer shots of the baseball but overall I was pleased with the effort despite the high temperatures which started to affect me and I was glad to get up to Ben's seats in the upper deck. It was hot there too and we sought out shade. Then we got a nice breeze and hung out until the 8th inning before calling it a day.

The Mets won 9-5 but overall the Nats took two out of the three games in the series. Ben and his group had fun despite the temperature and score of the game. Afterwards I rewarded Ben with a new Nats cap from the team store.

Nationals LF Michael Morse

Nats Pitcher Gio Gonzalez warms up. He never really found his rhythm today.

Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman

The Mets Andres Torres connects

David Wright circles the bases after hitting the first of his two homers today.
For the record, Wright was 7 for 13, 3 homers and 6 RBI for the series.

Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman gets set as Gio Gonzalez delivers the pitch.

Mets Pitcher's Miguel Batista and Pedro Beato head to the bullpen

Nats RF and rookie Bryce Harper at bat

Bryce Harper at bat

Ryan Zimmerman at bat

Zimmerman connects for his 11th homer of the year

Touch 'em all! Zimmerman's homer cut the Mets lead to 2-1

Nats Adam LaRoche fouls one off

Tried to get a shot of Mets Pitcher R.A. Dickey throwing his knuckleball

Nats CF Roger Bernadina can't catch up to the homer hit by Ike Davis

Mets Ruben Tejada connects

Nats turn two

Keeping score

Bryce Harper at bat

Go Bryce!

Mets 3B David Wright chats with Nats Bryce Harper during a break

Harper at 3rd base, checks with his coach

The view from Section 304

Ben's camp group takes in some shade

Despite the high temperature, Ben enjoyed himself

Ben and his buddy Casey

Nats spirit. Love these signs!

Ice cream time with Ben, Casey and Sam

Go Nats!

Ben sizes up the action

Ben enjoying the game!

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