Friday, June 08, 2012

Ben's Kindergarten Graduation

I started this blog almost seven years ago and one of the reasons was to have a place to record Ben's milestones such as Kindergarten graduation.

It's hard to believe Weena and I have a First grader now. Seems like yesterday Ben was born. He did very well in school this year and everyone is very proud of him.

We had a great celebration today so enjoy the pictures.

Before graduation

Father Jim prepares the altar

Students marching into the church

Ben deep in prayer before the students marched in to church

Ben praying

Father Jim addresses the children. It was his last Children's Mass as he will be assigned to another church at the end of June. Ben and Father Jim have bonded over the years and we will definitely miss him.

"That we always remember to thank God for all our gifts…We pray to the Lord."

"We may love and be kind to our family and friends...We pray to the Lord."

Prayers before the diploma ceremony

Sign of the cross at the end of Mass

Principal Cargill addresses the crowd

Father Jim says a few words to the crowd

Ben gets a hug from his teacher Mrs Clair

Ben gets a hug from Principal Cargill

Ben gets his diploma from Father Jim

Weena and Ben enjoy the celebration

Mrs Clair, Ben and Weena

Ben's classmates Stevie and George at the reception following graduation

George, Ben and Dennis hanging out

Ben and his cousin Jacob at the reception

Ben at the reception

Ben and Weena

Ben and Matthew

Ben and Conor

Ben and Jillian pose

Outside the reception area

Lola, Ben and Lolo after the reception

Outside the school, heading home

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