Sunday, March 25, 2012

Harlem Globetrotters at Patriot Center

In what's becoming an annual event, I took Benjamin to see the Harlem Globetrotters vs the International Elite for the basketball World Championship at Patriot Center. The Globetrotters are always a great show and seeing Benjamin smile and laugh while watching the game and antics by the Globetrotters is priceless. Last year we saw the Globetrotters at Verizon Center, this year was Patriot Center's turn and next year we'll probably make an entire day in DC around their show at Verizon Center.

Enjoy the pictures. For a slide show, just click on a photo and enjoy!

Before the game

Jam session with Moose

Special K driving the Elite crazy

Globetrotters cooking up something to confuse the Elite

There's just no way to defend this

Too Tall with the jam, assist from Airport

Too Tall left hanging

I love this pic of Moose and Too Tall

Spider with the Globetrotter basket

Firefly with the four pointer...yes!!!

Too Tall playing keep away

Globetrotters score!

Benjamin enjoying the game

Special K and the ref talk while the team mocks the ref

Airport with the rejection!

Slick running the offense as the Elite close in on defense

Too Tall works his magic as a confused Elite try to stop him

Firefly's turn to confuse the Elite

Jet jam session

Special K working his magic after a rebound

The old bucket trick. Always great!

Globetrotters basket by Flight Time

Elite are confused, what's going on here?

Flight Time celebrates burying his four point shot

Free throw by Special K

Globetrotter magic.

Jet jam

Globetrotters way of icing the free throw shooter

Late in a tie game, Special K blocks a basket attempt

Jet's game winning dunk!

Globetrotters are World Champions!

Trophy time!


Aimee said...

Just got to say your pictures are much better than mine turned out. I think you must have even been sitting close to where I was. Any tips on how to take such good photos? BTW what kind of camera are you using. Just love them.

Bill-DC said...

Hi Aimee, thanks for stopping by! I use a Nikon D90 with a Nikon 80-200 f2.8 zoom lens. The Patriot Center where I shot these is pretty dark midway in the arena so I bumped up the ISO to about 1600. After I downloaded the shots, I used Photoshop Elements to adjust the color and contrast.

Hope this helps.