Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mini Soccer, Session Two

Today was a beautiful day at Benjamin's Mini Soccer session. My goal was to get a few close ups of him and I took my 75-300 Nikkor zoom lens. I thought I did pretty well. It can be difficult shooting as the kids are always moving as the instructions and drills change. I also try to keep the other participants and parents out of the shot. Technically we are supposed to be off the playing area but that rule isn't enforced so I find myself moving around a lot. As usual, click on a shot for a larger image. He had a really good time out there today as you can see.

My little midfielder

To borrow D.C. United announcer Dave Johnson's signature call:
"Its in the net, its in the net!"

One of my favorite close up shots during a dribbling drill

"We love soccer"" chant at the end of the session

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