Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mini Soccer, Season 2

Been awhile since I've posted here. In fact, I forgot my password and had to request a new one. Now that Spring is here, I will post more. Especially since Benjamin is entering his second season in Mini Soccer.

He's learning the basic skills in an hour session every Saturday. He's really taken to the sport and today he was one of the best on the field as he listened to his coach, followed instructions and completed all the drills his coach gave all the kids. I was surprised at how much he retained from last year.

What's helped is his participation in a program at his school called Playball. He participates in one class each week and he's learned basic movement and sports skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Overall, a very positive experience for him.

So I was proud of my little guy today. Here are some pictures I took. Stay tuned for his progress this Spring.


Nancy said...

Great pictures of our little guy! Thanks from Grandma!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures of my Playballer!!! He is a fantastic student & loves to learn!!! I am thrilled that Playball has helped!!! Thanks for having him in the program.....I enjoy him just as much!!!

Coach Debbie (Playball Virginia)