Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day Care Report

Wow, hard to believe that one year has passed since Benjamin's first day care experience. Before he was at his current place, he stayed with a family friend who ran a day care center from her home as my inlaw's took their annual Summer trip to Canada. She knew this was a temporary arrangement as we were going out of our way big time to get Ben to and from her house. Lucky for us a month later we got a spot at his current place. Since then he's progressing nice and learning more and more each day. Here is is current Growth Report as well as a piece of art he did today.

Language and Literacy: Benjamin can say a lot of words such as ball, outside, mine, thank you, his playmate's names, colors, numbers, shapes, animals names and sounds. He listens to every story and familiarizes himself with the pictures inside the book. His memory is very good.

Wellness: He can walk well and can pick up more than one thing at a time and he loves playtime. He points to items when he needs them. He imitates motions of arm, hand and finger play. Example, during "Wheels on the Bus", he moves his arms imitating the wheels (BB: Think basketball and the traveling call a ref makes).

The World and Me: He is very happy and friendly with his playmates. He enjoys circle time, but he becomes upset if a toy or other object is taken away. He is very good when it comes to cleaning up the toys. He is a very warm and affectionate child.

He's been putting a couple words together to form little sentences. A couple examples: The other night as he finished his dinner, he looks at me and says "All done Daddy". He also said to me "Hey buddy" after hearing me say this daily when I arrive to pick him up.

When I picked him up today, he was in the playground area kicking around a little kickball. Memo to D.C. United Head Coach Tom Soehn: Benjamin has a nice first touch but needs a little work with his scoring touch. He won't give up the ball easy (see above).

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Bill-DC said...

Benjamin was promoted to the Toddler Room starting mid June. It's hard to believe he's not an infant anymore but becoming an independent toddler.

Pretty Proud Papa here!