Saturday, May 26, 2007

Closing Time.....

Posting's been a bit light partly because I've been dedicating the little free time I have to searching for a job closer to home and Benjamin's day care. Currently I am waking up at 5:00 AM, leaving the house by 5:30 to drive thirty miles to make it to work by 6:45. I am able to leave at 3:30 to pick up Benjamin at 4:15, depending on afternoon traffic of course.

You do what you have to do and the reason I chose those hours was because I wanted as light a commute as possible and to be able to pick up Benjamin at a decent time so we can have some play time together.

Recently the last thing I do before I head out is go into his room and look at him sleeping. It started to gnaw at me that I wasn't around when he woke up and he started asking for his Daddy.

For a couple months now I've been searching for something closer and on Thursday I was offered (and accepted) a position with a CPA firm near Tyson's Corner. It's a twelve mile commute now and it took twenty five minutes in the heart of rush hour at 5:30 PM when I came home from the interview Wednesday.

I'm very pleased for several reasons. One, the firm I am joining is a solid, growing firm. Two, the commute is shorter and I'll save money. In other words, no more $175 gasoline card bills like I got last month and between $35-$50 in monthly toll costs. Three, there will be times when Weena and I can take just one car into work and finally, I'm a lot closer just in case Benjamin should get sick and the burden isn't on Weena to get him just because I'm so far away.

I had a nice five and a half year run at the CPA firm I am leaving. I learned a lot and met several very nice people and overall the experience was very positive for my career. There is a line in the song Closing Time by Semisonic that "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". Part of me is sad to go but the future looks very promising and most important, I will have more time with Benjamin.


aaron said...

Congrats Bill -- glad to hear that you found something closer to home, so you can spend more time with Benjamin. Now you have to see about occasionally telecommuting. :)

Bill-DC said...

Thanks Aaron. The commute has been wearing me out lately. It will definitely be nice seeing Benjamin in the AM before I go to work.

A friend of mine said he's never known anyone to be happy to commute on Route 7.

Hope all is well.