Monday, May 07, 2007

Benjamin's Spring Class Picture

We got Benjamin's class pictures today. Hope you enjoy these. It's tough to get a one and a half year old to pose, which is why I am glad I have a digital camera so I can delete my mistakes. These two came out fine but I will add that it is rare Benjamin sits still. My guess is he was a little tired when these were taken. We got a really great group class picture which will be proudly displayed in our home.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Benjamin's day care so I picked up a couple Starbucks gift cards as a very small token of our appreciation and I signed them from Benjamin. He presented them to his teachers this afternoon with a big grin and they were very happy. We plan to get a display of flowers later in the week for them and we will have Benjamin draw them a couple of pictures. We are very pleased at Benjamin's progress and greatly appreciate everything his teachers do for him.

Here is his class picture below, which was taken in October just before his first birthday. Note, he had not had his first haircut yet as it is Filipino tradition not to cut an infant's hair until after their first birthday.

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