Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flustered Custard

Not much going on here so I will talk about a picture of my Grandfather that Dad sent to me awhile back. Grand Dad's the the one with his hands on his hips. Dad wrote the story of this restaurant on the back of the picture, so he gets top billing here while I search for topics. As usual, click on the picture for a larger size. Here's Dad's story of the restaurant.

This was one of the first fast food restaurants in Florida. It had a fast cooking setting which could cook "steakburgers" and chicken in no time. The name Flustered Custard was given to the place because the tip of the custard would always flop over. Mother named the place.

This was situated on Las Olas Boulevard right next to the draw bridge in Fort Lauderdale. This was a very popular restaurant and the business paid for itself in a year. Plans were in the offing for several more places, however the partnership dissolved between my Father and his business partner. This was pre-McDonald's and this restaurant was started after World War II, around 1947.

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