Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Pics

Nothing much going on this week. I'm still a little bummed D.C. United lost a chance to play for their fifth MLS Cup but I'm excited for the University of Maryland Football team. They are in the hunt for the ACC Championship. The Maryland Soccer team begins defense of their NCAA title they won last year and the Terps hoops team began play with two impressive victories vs Hampton University and Vermont. Plus it's been fun taunting some Dallas Cowboy fans at work after the Redskins beat them at the last second this past Sunday. It's also hard to believe that in two weeks Thanksgiving is here.

Right now Benjamin is doing his best to learn to walk and he's saying a few words like "Daddy", "Mommy", "Bye Bye" and he's waving. He also is learning how to shake hands, high five and he claps a lot. Definitely a happy little guy. He does have his unpleasant moments, such as his flu shot at the doctor's office yesterday and you don't want to be around him when he's got a diaper rash, but he's well behaved and a lot of fun to be around. Both Weena and I got through our rookie season as parents and we are excited to grow as parents as Benjamin grows up. The two of us had a tough decision to make last June regarding which day care provider to select starting last July. He was at a relative's house (she's a licensed day care provider) for a month but the commute was too much for all of us. After careful research, Weena and I strongly believe we made the right choice and the place we selected for Benjamin is just three minutes from home. More important, he's learning and developing a lot there and I'm having a blast picking him up every night and hanging out with his little pals. Easily the best part of my day.

Here are some random pics of the little guy I took this week.

Sacked out

I voted! Not really, Daddy did though...

Pajama Party!

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