Monday, November 06, 2006

Happiness Is A Hug Away

Today I arrived at Benjamin's daycare and I am getting out of my car when I see him at the back door of his infant play room. He crawling around and pushing a little toy car. This door is an exit only from that room and you can get a good look at the inside of the room as you pass by.

I stop and he sees me and smiles and I wave to him and we are giggling at each other through the window. Then I wave and start to walk to the main entrance to go inside to pick him up. I see him starting to cry, so I walked back to him, smile and wave. I knew what would come next if I went away. We couldn't just stand there all evening, so I jogged to the main entrance door, punched in the code and signed him out. I hustled to the infant room where he was now being held by his teacher and still crying.

He sees me and smiles. He stops crying and starts grinning. I got him from his teacher and I wipe away his tears. He puts his arms around my neck and we had the best hug a father and son can have. For about three minutes we just held each other and rocked back and forth. I will always have this moment forever. Happiness really is just a hug away.

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bc said...

Life is good ... Your little boy is very lucky to have a dad that loves him so much ...that kid is going to go to more sporting events than any other child his age... My prediction of his 1st full sentence...
"Daddy Dallas Sucks "