Sunday, November 05, 2006

Interesting Weekend

A lot happened this weekend. First, we had guests in town from the Philippines. They are staying in Richmond until mid month and they took the train up to see us. One of the visitors, Melvin, is a huge NBA fan and his dream was to see an NBA game. He bought a ticket off eBay before he came to the USA and sat behind the Celtics bench. Your's truly accompanied him and I bought a ticket outside from a ticket entrepreneur. I didn't sit behind the Celtics bench. I was in the section where you needed to rent a mountain goat to get to your seat and if you wanted to dial my cell phone, unfortunately you would probably have had to use a 1 before the number. That's how high up I was. Melvin's favorite player is Gilbert Arenas and he did not disappoint, scoring 44 points in the Wizards 124-117 victory.

Before we went to the Wizards game, my Mom and Sister came over to see Benjamin and wish him a belated Happy Birthday. We had a nice lunch and after that, Benjamin opened presents from them and played with one he received from his Grandpa. Thanks Dad, he really loves this!

While Mom and my Sister were visiting, I had the Maryland-Clemson game on. The Terps won 13-12 on the last play of the game, a 31 yard field goal by Dan Ennis. I went nuts and while Daddy was celebrating, Benjamin was five feet away giggling at his goofy Daddy. That win puts the Terps at 7-2 for the year and still in contention for the ACC title.

Maryland kicker Dan Ennis watches his 31-yard, game-winning field goal split the uprights Saturday as Maryland wins its fourth straight game.

Then on Sunday after dropping our guests off at the train station, I settled down to watch the Redskins-Cowboys game at 1:00 and D.C. United vs New England in the Eastern Conference Championship at 4:00 PM.

Shortly after 4:00 PM, I went from euphoria as one former Terp, Nick Novak, kicked a 47 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys to a bunch of four letter expletives as another former Terp, Taylor Twellman scored what turned out to be the winning goal for New England over D.C. United four minutes into the game.

For the Redskins, maybe this propels them on a winning streak. For D.C. United, the season in which they had the best record in the league, they are left to ponder what if. They were unbeatable from May to mid July, but staggered home the final three and a half months of the season. A lot of questions as everyone is playing internet GM here.

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