Saturday, October 14, 2006

What Am I Listening To Now?

I've been enjoying this CD this week. With a 60 mile round trip daily commute, I rely on XM Radio and my CD collection to get me to and from work ok.

Eric Clapton: Orchestra Night
Live at The Royal Albert Hall
London, England February 10, 1990

Bell Bottom Blues
Lay Down Sally
Holy Mother
I Shot The Sheriff
Hard Times
Can’t Find My Way Home
Edge Of Darkness
Old Love
Wonderful Tonight
White Room
Concerto For Electric Guitar 1st Movement
Concerto For Electric Guitar 2nd Movement/Band Introduction
Sunshine Of Your Love

To briefly sum it up it's Clapton performing his hits backed by a full orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. He would perform there a lot in the early '90's and released a CD called 24 Nights in 1991. I have another CD from this venue called A Blues Evening, which was recorded on February 3rd and 7th, 1990. Both are outstanding listens.

Clapton's been an incredible musical talent for decades. I first started to listen to him after I saw him perform in the 1978 movie The Last Waltz. I've been hooked since.

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