Monday, October 09, 2006

Benjamin the Battler

Rough couple weeks for our little guy. First, Benjamin caught a cold. Then his lungs got congested. With that came antibiotics. The congestion (and teething) led to high temperatures Thursday and Friday, which led to a left ear infection. This past Friday we kept him home and Weena and I split the day taking care of him. At 2:00 PM Benjamin's temperature got to 103.1 so we took Benjamin to his pediatrician. He has another week's worth of antibiotics to battle the ear infection.

He slept a lot this weekend and is fine. His temperature is now normal. The congestion is breaking up as we can hear in his coughs and I assume the ear infection is going away.

Fun stuff. He still loves his play time and doesn't miss a beat there. In a little over two weeks he will be a year old.

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David Lifton said...

Poor little guy. It's never fun when a kid is sick.