Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rookie Dad: Month 12

Well, here is month twelve of my rookie Dad year. Right now Benjamin is working on trying to figure out how to walk. After crawling on the floor, he likes to pull himself up using a couch or chair and move sideways using his legs and feet, keeping his hands on the furniture as a guide. By the end of this month, I'm betting he'll be walking on his own. He weighs a little under 23 pounds. If you click the photo album on the left and click browse, you will see how he's grown. He used to be so little, now he's becoming a toddler. This year sure has flown by. Here is our little guy outside on our deck after church. He's a very happy boy and I'm proud to be his Dad.


Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill said...

What a handsome little fellow. We love that sweet boy and can't wait to see him blow out his birthday candles!

Grandma said...

Grandma wants a copy of that photo! Great picture!