Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rookie Dad: Nine Months!

Today Benjamin turned nine months old. We are taking him to the doctor for his nine month appointment on Friday so I'm guessing he is around 22 pounds. He's crawling around the house now and while he's not yet talking, he's making all kinds of goofy little sounds. He has two teeth and he's very content, happy and he loves music. He is also progressing well at his day care. We have been truly blessed with a wonderful son and each day we marvel at his progress. I could go on and on but the real reason family and friends drop by is for the pictures. Enjoy!


Bill-DC said...

Update from the doctor's appointmenr. He's almost 21 pounds and he's 28 inches long. He's impressed the doctor with his progress and can start eating some solid food shortly.

He's taken to his new day care facility well and both my wife and I are very happy with the facility. Highlight of my day is going to pick up Benjamin and goofing off with his playmates before we leave. He knows how to wave bye bye and the staff adore him.

B.C. said...

What great pictures ! We can only hope his time in the 40 is a little better than Daddys

Bill-DC said...

My time in the 40 is now being measured by a sun dial. Benjamin on the other hand seems like he gets quicker and quicker each day.