Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy Wins World Cup in PK's

A couple days ago I had earlier talked about Zinedine Zidane and how he had been a tremendous leader in taking France to the finals of the World Cup. I originally planned to add some things into that post from Friday but I accidentally deleted it. Zidane was incredible in this World Cup but what he did today was atrocious. For those who missed it, he headbutted an Italian player in overtime today and got a red card ejection.

Instead of being a gracious, classy member of the losing French side, Zidane will be forever remembered for this thuggish behavior just as Roberto Alomar is remembered for spitting at that umpire in 1996.

What was he thinking when he did this? I know you can have a tendency to do dumb things sometimes when you are tired, but this was nuts!

Nor do I know what was said to Zidane to force him into such rage.

He didn't even come back and pick up his silver runners up medal. Guess the shame in what he did was too much and he couldn't face the team he let down.

Truly a sad spectacle today. He really was a great player. Eight years ago in the World Cup final he won a World Cup for his nation with his head. This year in the World Cup final, he just lost his head.

So Italy wins its fourth World Cup title, beating France 5-3 in in only the second final decided by penalty kicks.

Monday 7/10: The day after. It was reported from a player on the field that the Italian player called Zidane a "terrorist" and also insulted his Algerian heritage. More here.

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