Friday, July 07, 2006

The Little Guy's View on Sports by Benjamin

Since the little guy snagged my sports page and wouldn't give it up, he'll do the blog sports recap. Enjoy!

D.C. United are hot, unbeaten in 11 straight and lead the division by 17 points!

Ryan Zimmerman comes through again in the clutch for the Nats.Dad hasn't been this excited about a rookie ball player since Cal Ripken broke in with the Orioles.

Wizards need to make some moves if they are to advance further in the NBA playoffs.

Caps let their Captain Jeff Halpern sign with the Dallas Stars. I heard some unfamiliar words out of Daddy's mouth when he read this.

PGA Tour passes on Washington DC as a tour stop in 2007. The earliest DC could get another event is 2009.

Redskins open training camp soon! Plus Terps football is coming too! You know what that means for me? Cool new gear for me to wear while watching the games with my Dad!!!


aaron said...

All he can do is report? I can't believe he's not offering up his own opinion about these events, as well as making a pick between France and Italy. My guess is he thinks Italy will win it and he's confident enough to bet his Dad on it.

Bill-DC said...

He's learning ;) The little guy does like all sports on TV. Anytime he gets to curl up in Daddy's lap and watch any game is cool with him and me.

We did do a restaurant bet. Weena (and Benjamin) took Italy as she saw my earlier France 2-1 prediction. If Italy win, we go to Maggiano's Little Italy. If I win, I'll look for a French restaurant some place in No. VA.

Hope all is well with you, Kathy and baby.