Saturday, April 01, 2006

It Was An Amazing Run

The package came in the mail last night. I received it and took it to my wife, who opened it. Inside was a George Mason Final Four t-shirt that I ordered online from the GMU bookstore. The same t-shirt students were lining up for at the George Mason campus. It was the hottest selling item this week. I told her she was now ready to root for her school in the Final Four. Win and the Patriots advance to the NCAA Championship game.

Unfortunately there won't be a game for the Patriots Monday night. Florida 73, George Mason 58. Florida was simply a better team and they stopped one of the most improbable and impressive NCAA tournament runs I've ever seen since I started following this tournament. Jim Larranaga's team, which finished 27-8, proved desire can trump talent.

The Patriots couldn't stop the Gators three point shooting and the rebounding edge was clearly won by Florida 40-27. George Mason had no answer for Lee Humphrey, who was 6 of 12 from 3-point range and scored 19 points. Florida for the game hit 12 of 25 three pointers. George Mason missed its first nine three pointers and ended up 2 of 11, with both of them coming too late in the game.

Let's go back and look at what the 11th-seeded Patriots accomplished this tournament. They knocked out half of last year's Final Four (Michigan State and North Carolina). They beat a very good Wichita State team. They dispatched the last two national champions (Connecticut and North Carolina). I had an absolute blast following this team and it was a treat seeing them play and win the Washington DC Regional.

All George Mason students, alumni and fans should hang their heads high and be proud of what this team accomplished. I know my wife is.


Arch_aces said...

Nice blog. Basketball is really the number one game in the Philippines. In fact, we follow NBA games for years now. Sometimes, I watch college hoops also and I agree, Florida team is strong. Regards to your wife.

maryjanejeff said...

Well Done GMU. You had a heck of a run, but ran into a very bad matchup for you last night. Score one for the non-Big 6 conferences!

Bill-DC said...

Sometimes champions don't always take home a trophy. George Mason may not have won the Final Four but they won a lot of admirers during this run.