Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Benjamin is six months old!

Big week for Benjamin. First, his Christening was held this past Sunday at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Herndon VA. We had close to sixty people witness this blessed event and he was very good throughout the entire Mass and ceremony. He even tried grabbing the candle that Father Chris gave me. Afterward, we were posing for pictures and we had at least ten family members shooting pictures and Father Chris commented on our "paparazzi". We later had a nice reception at Pacific Restaurant in Sterling. Pictures will be posted later as I receive them from family as I wasn't able to take a lot. I am very, very proud of my little guy.

Yesterday Benjamin turned six months old! In thinking about what to write for this, I decided to describe the day he was born. Benjamin was scheduled to be delivered by Caesarean section and we had our appointment set for Tuesday, October 25 2005.

We got up at 4:30 AM October 25th to a downpour. We got everything we needed together and packed it in the car. I couldn't eat due to nerves and Weena, her Mom and I left around 5:15 AM. It was miserable driving to the hospital. We got there around 6:00 AM. Thank goodness I had my iPod because that relaxed me after we filled out all the paperwork. Finally around 8:30 Weena was wheeled to the birthing room and they fetched me around 9:00 AM, with the surgery scheduled for 9:15 AM. I was a basket case. I had a million thoughts going on and tears coming on because I wanted things to go well for Weena. It is hard seeing your wife get cut up. I had to tell myself these were the best professionals, so I just sat there and prayed. Finally at 9:51 I heard some screaming and I saw Benjamin for the first time. I was an emotional mess, but it was the greatest feeling I ever had seeing that little guy for the first time. I was in tears of joy seeing this miracle and once I was told I could start taking pictures, I couldn't for a couple minutes because I was still shaking. Once I got composed and saw that Benjamin was fine I was snapping pics four minutes after his birth.

Here is Benjamin and I in the birthing room

One of my favorite pictures, taken after he was cleaned up

Both Weena and I are extremely fortunate and grateful for our little miracle. These first six months just blew by quick. I'm learning more and more each day with this little guy. I haven't always been perfect, I've made mistakes along the way, but that's part of the challenge of being a parent. It's been a very exciting journey so far. The absolute greatest feeling I get is when I see Benjamin smiling at me. He's got a lot of loving family members and friends. For that we are blessed.


Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill said...

Happy Birthday to the best and cutest nephew an aunt and uncle could ever hope for! Kim and Bill

Anonymous said...

Congrats Billy... Blessed is the word... Carol-Lynne and I hope for our Miracle and continue to pray that God will bless us....Great Blog Bill - B.C.

Bill-DC said...

I learned last night I cannot watch Wizards playoff games with Benjamin on my lap. When Gilbert made the half courter, I screamed and startled the poor little guy.

He was crying and I felt awful. Thanks goodness for the calmness of my wife as she settled him down.

Me and Benjamin were making goofy faces at one another moments later.