Sunday, March 12, 2006

Walt Whitman: Maryland 4A State Basketball Champions

I went to Walt Whitman High School (Class of '80) in Bethesda MD. Last night Whitman won the Maryland 4A Basketball championship at the University of Maryland's Comcast Center. They beat Eleanor Roosevelt 39-38. It was the first state basketball championship for Whitman, which finished 24-3. When I was there from '77 to '80 I don't believe the Whitman hoops team won 24 total games. They stunk.

High school definitely wasn't the greatest time of my life. I wasn't much into academics or school spirit and I barely got through the experience. However, it was pretty cool reading about this team's season this Winter as they climbed in the Washington Post rankings. In reading the Post's recap of last night's game, you'll see where Whitman's star guard Michael Gruner (23 points last night) has yet to receive a college scholarship offer. I hope Comcast Center's main tenant had someone scouting this game last night. They sure could use someone like Gruner next year.


D said...

You went to Whitman?
MBHS here.

Bill-DC said...

Yep. Class of '80 (yikes!)

Whitman over the years has had a great soccer tradition. I think they've won seven or eight state soccer titles. When I was there they won in '79, led by former Dallas Burn coach Mike Jeffries, who went to Duke.