Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TV Sports or Sleep?

Maryland vs Duke One of college basketball's best rivalries is tonight. In fact it is going on as I type this. The game started at 9:00 PM on ESPN. No chance I'm awake when this is over around 11:15 PM. Why? Because I need to hit the rack by 10:00 PM as Benjamin usually wakes up around 3:30 AM for a feeding and change. Then my alarm to get ready for work rings at 5:20 AM. So I need as much sleep as I can get now.

I'm used to missing key sports events by now. World Series games for years have been starting at 8:30 PM and end at midnight, so I miss out a lot when games are played during weeknights. Sad, because I really love the World Series. Thankfully there are sports highlights available 24/7, so that's pretty much the route I go now. I've practically given up going to games during the work week as I rarely get home before 11:30 PM.

I was able to stay up for game three of the World Series, as it occurred the night Benjamin was born. This game ended a little after 2:00 in the morning and I was there for it all. No chance could I sleep on the greatest day of my life. One, I was too keyed up emotionally and two, I needed to be there for Weena in case she needed something. To commemorate this milestone day, I was able to get a ticket stub from this game.

I can show this to Benjamin and say "Son, this is one of the events that happened the day you were born. Daddy even managed to stay up to watch it."

As I sign off it looks like I won't need to watch the second half of this as Duke has a 23 point after the first half. Goodnight Terps. Goodnight audience.

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Thanks - love that picture of Benjamin.