Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rookie Dad: Week 12

In the three months Benjamin has been with us, we have experienced all kinds different emotions as we learn to become a family together. This little guy didn't come with instructions, so both of us are learning more each day. Certain problems that used to take some of our time and energy sort of just disappear as Weena and I understand Benjamin's needs always come first. We'll eventually straighten out whatever needs straightening out at some point. I'd rather see Benjamin's smiling face when I get home than figure out which bills to pay when.

I do remember hearing David Letterman saying after his son was born "I could never imagine being a part of something that turned out so beautiful". Amen Dave.

Hard to believe he could go from this:

Benjamin: 3 hours old

To this:

Benjamin: 3 months old

Stay tuned for more adventures....

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