Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tough loss for the 'Skins

Not a whole lot to say after today's 20-10 Redskins loss to the Seahawks. I'm not as down as I thought I would get. This team came back from a 5-6 record earlier in the year, finished 10-6 to get the final playoff spot and played two tough post season games. As a fan I'm very proud of the effort and heart this team showed. Previous teams under Daniel Snyder's ownership would have folded up shop and collected their pay check. Joe Gibbs and his staff would not see to that.

It was fun to be excited about this team again. E-mailing friends, office talk, seeing strangers in the street in Redskin gear and yelling "Go 'Skins!" My friend Tim called a couple times during the playoff run and we carried on discussing the team and the upcoming match ups just like we did during Joe Gibbs, version 1.0 from 1981-1992. The one thing missing was the pile of empty beer bottles at The Dancing Crab.

Seattle snaps their 6 game playoff losing streak and hosts the NFC Championship next week against Carolina or Chicago. The Redskins need to address some personnel issues, they were short of reveivers and they now need to find a healthy, reliable kicker. I believe they are on the hook contract wise with Mark Brunell through next year. While he had a much better season this year than last, he's 36 going into next season. Should they go after another QB such as Aaron Brooks of New Orleans, who lost his starting job. It will be an interesting off season.

Chin up though 'Skins fans. It was a decent year and be proud. Joe Gibbs did a damn good job. Sadly for the DC area pro sports fan there is now a void until April. That's when D.C. United, the Nats and Orioles start up.

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Graham Harris said...

Hi ya,

Posting from U.K. saw your link on the Nils Lofgren list.

Enjoying the play-off action here, and it was good to see the skins in post-season action again. Shame about the Taylor incident. Maybe there was more to it than we know.

Bye for now


Bill-DC said...


Thanks for checking in. As I posted on the Nils list, I hope to get to one of his shows in February at The Birchmere.

Not sure what went through Taylor's mind during that incident. Former Redskin Darrell Green said these guys come into the league without respecting the league, the players or the game and they have everything handed to them the moment they sign the first contract. Hopefully he can get his act together on and off the field as he's a hell of a talent.