Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saturday Night with D.C. United

I took Benjamin to see D.C. United play the Houston Dynamo this past Saturday evening. The game time was at 6:00 PM, which is perfect for us as we can watch the game and get home at a decent hour. Memo to D.C. United, schedule a couple more of these 6:00 PM games please!

Readers of this blog know I love taking sports pictures but I left my camera at home this time as I really wanted to explain parts of the game to Benjamin as we were watching it. Benjamin already knows a lot about soccer having played the past three years. He would comment on a plays as the game progressed but one comment stuck with me after the ball bounced off the goal post. He said "Daddy, that's the goalie's best friend" so I told him he was correct and asked him where he learned that and he said "I heard you say it when you were watching the Caps and the puck hit the goal post"

He's got an amazing memory. We enjoyed the game very much and I captured this image with the camera on my phone.

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