Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busch Gardens & Williamsburg Trip

Last weekend we went to Williamsburg for a weekend get away. We stayed at the Governor's Inn and enjoyed our stay there. It is five miles from Busch Gardens and a couple miles from Colonial Williamsurg. So we arrived late Friday night and got up early Saturday, enjoyed the free breakfast the inn provided before we ventured out.

We had a choice between taking a shuttle or driving to Busch Gardens. We opted to drive because we had wanted to spend the whole day there and conclude our visit watching the 9:30 PM fireworks. We weren't sure how long the shuttles ran. Once we got there, we had a choice of regular parking or for five dollars more, preferred parking. I opted for regular parking. More on that later.

We had purchased our tickets prior to our visit and were able to take advantage of a promotion where one child gets free admission after two adults pay full price.

So here are some of the 200 plus pictures I took. I will say I have a fear of heights and there was no way I was riding any of the roller coasters. I did do ok on the Air Trams, which transported us from one end of the park to another.

Weena getting a kick seeing us locked up.

Benjamin before we went to Sesame Street

Benjamin meeting Grover, Abby Cadabby and Zoey

Benjamin hanging with Grover, his favorite.

Benjamin checking on me before a ride. "Don't be afraid Daddy, it'll be ok"

St. Elmo's Spire where Weena and Benjamin went up and down.

Oh yeah! Water park! 95 degrees and I felt like joining in.

Benjamin and Mommy resting.

Benjamin before a ride.

Roller coasters.

Bumper cars!

Ready for the beltway!

Festhaus where we ate lunch.

After lunch, we roll on!

Land of the Dragons

Mommy and Benjamin using the rope bridge.

We made it!

Boat ride

Clydesdale barn.

This is called the Griffon, called the "baddest coaster on the East Coast". A description from the brochure:

After you’re taken 205 feet into the air, the Griffon mercilessly eases you over the edge.

And stops.

For a brief moment, you find yourself looking down--straight down--at the ground below as you're suspended above it.

Then down you plunge 90 degrees straight toward the ground at racing speeds faster than 70 miles per hour.

This shot was taken when we were eating dinner.

Benjamin rides a carousel

We went back to Land of the Dragons, as this was Benjamin's favorite part of the park.

Heading back for the fireworks.

Grand finale of a 12 hour day!

We had a blast at Busch Gardens, Benjamin enjoyed the rides and we had a lot of neat adventures. However, when we left at 10:00, so did everyone else and as a result, we were stuck in traffic. Worse than Capital Centre traffic after a sold out hockey game. So I would recommend taking the shuttle from your hotel or spend the extra five dollars and get the premium parking ($18.00).

Day Two: We really wanted to tour part of Colonial Williamsburg but we were so tired from Saturday's Busch Gardens adventure. That combined with 95 degree temperatures limited us to just spending time at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum. We will plan on another trip to Colonial Williamsburg in the Fall when it is a bit cooler.

Benjamin borrowed my camera and took this picture.

Benjamin designing his own pot.

Finished product!

Pottery Exhibit

Before we left, Benjamin made a couple of penny wishes.

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