Thursday, June 11, 2009

Benjamin's Day Care

I'm usually the one who picks up Benjamin at his day care. Thanks to a flexible work schedule I am able to leave daily at 4:30 PM and if traffic is moving, I arrive at 4:45 PM. Normally when I get there, he goes and hugs his teacher good bye and I get a hug. He'll say a good bye to his friends, then we leave.

Not anymore. Benjamin insists I stuck around when he is in the Music room. So for fifteen or twenty minutes I sit with him while he and his group sing or listen to a story. Today they played musical chairs and there I was rooting Benjamin on and encouraging the other kids too. Fun stuff.

This is now the highlight of my day and I'm even starting to bond with the kids there. They all come up to me to say hello or give me a high five. I just hope I'm not in the way of his teacher. I do appreciate this time a lot and hope it continues.

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