Saturday, October 04, 2008

UVA 31, Maryland 0

I'm sorry but the earlier loss to Middle Tennessee State University has nothing on this debacle. This was an absolutely gutless performance by Ralph Friedgen's Maryland football team. This team is, apologies to Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Football Teams with tonight being the Worst of Teams.

Let's review: Maryland got their rear ends handed to them by a Virginia team that lost to Duke 31-3 the week before. This same UVA team that had scored 36 points in their first four games.

Maryland was clearly not prepared and did not show up to play tonight. Everyone and I mean everyone associated with the University of Maryland football team should be embarrassed at this. It just hurts seeing this team play with heart, guts and emotion in a great victory at Clemson one week and then come into UVA and get slapped around by the Cavs who, let's be honest, were a terrible 1-3 football team. I am done describing this mess of a game simply because I switched to D.C. United and later to baseball midway through the third quarter.

The Good:
No game next week as the Terps have a bye week.

The Bad:
Switching from this game to D.C. United's game. They lost at home to Chivas USA 3-0 and their playoff hopes have pretty much been extinguished with that debacle.

The Ugly
A shutout against UVA in their place a week after beating the #20 team in the nation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I was there. It was horrible. The terps just stood there on the sideline. I witnessed some real happy hoos tonight. Karen

Bill-DC said...

Never have I seen a team so good one week and so bad the next. Very frustrating watching this team.

Ughhhhh! said...

There's little doubt in my mind that the problem is the coaching philosophy. Ralph has lost me as a fan because I know he cannot do the job anymore...and I cannot stomach bad football.

I'm still a Terp and will follow, but if a 25 year follower like myself has had enough, imagine the average fan that can barely get into following the Terps. Not good for the fanbase.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, special teams blocked a field goal.

maryjanejeff said...

Today was much better for the Terps!

Dear Ralph and your Offensive Coordinator,

When you get the ball to Darius Heyward-Bey, good things happen. Use him wisely and frequently since he'll be making millions next year.

College Football Fans