Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yankee Stadium

Tonight is the final game at Yankee Stadium. I'm a baseball fan and I was fortunate to have been to a pair of games during the 1987 season. I rode up with Miller Young and other friends from The Malt Shop, a bar above the Dancing Crab restaurant which was my favorite drinking establishment at the time. While I was there I visited Monument Park and snapped a bunch of photos. Ushers there were nice enough to let me invade the box seat area and take pics during batting practice. These photos are tucked way in a drawer and I remember writing on the back of them the date, the opponent and score. Thanks to Retrosheet baseball fans can go back and review box scores from years past. I did that here and posted them.

Here are the two games I saw at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees vs Twins on May 10, 1987 and Yankees vs Indians on August 16, 1987

Two other games from Yankee Stadium I will never forget that I watched on TV are:

Reggie Jackson hits three homers in game 6 of the 1977 World Series on October 18, 1977

The day after Yankee Captain and Catcher Thurman Munson died, Yankees vs Orioles on August 3, 1979

This blog, Sliding Into Home has been an excellent read all year.

NRBQ, one of my favorite bands even named an album At Yankee Stadium

So many great events were held there since it opened in 1923. Baseball games, boxing matches, pro and college football games. The Pope said Mass there three times. Yankee Stadium, and Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain are two legendary landmarks I'm happy and fortunate to have visited.


Dave Lifton said...

Very nice.

Jim's sister said...

Gosh, thanks Bill, for pointing out this historic moment. I was able to attend a game at Yankee stadium once. In 1983... with my then boyfriend from CT. He died the following Jan, tragically. Of course, life went on and I'm married with 6 kids now!! But it's bringing up those memories to think of Yankee stadium "going down." As an architect type, I wonder why there's so many places designed for obsolence instead of for antiquity. Will all these new stadiums be imploded in 50 years as well?