Monday, September 08, 2008

Benjamin in Canada

Benjamin with Cousin Ariel, pre-haircut

Post haircut

No Barney, I'm taking control of the radio!

Two sport star

Hanging at the pond

Signalling for the right hander to close it out

There's a drive, deep to right, outta here!!!!!

Post game snow cone

Cooling off on the water slide

Feeding his deer friend

See if you can out drive the ball wacker guy!

Benjamin for three.....

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Anonymous said...

Wow - he got to feed the deer. Now when he writes to the deer he can say "Dear Deer - I fed one of your pals in Canada!"

Also, he looks as though he has a good grip on that golf club. Watch out Tiger!!


maryjanejeff said...

Awesome! And happy belated anniversary as well.

Eric in Baltimore said...

Man, how do you get him to sit still for a haircut. My son won't allow it!