Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vacation at Emerald Isle, NC

We had a fun vacation at Emerald Isle, NC. We drove down Friday and went to see Weena's brother Joseph, his wife and son in Jacksonville, NC before we checked into our house Saturday. On Sunday Weena's brother and family came over to the house and spent the afternoon with us.

The next four pictures are scenes from my early morning walk on Sunday and Monday. I would walk a mile and a half from our house, then turn around and come back.

I decided to go the other way on Tuesday and thought the pier was a mile and a half from our house. It was 2.25 miles. I was beat after the 4.5 miles walked but loved the view from the pier.

Here's Benjamin enjoying his time on the beach.

Occasionally a Marine helecopter would fly by. Camp Lejeune is nearby.

Future U.S. Open champion

Put me down for a two Daddy!

Listening to Bob Dylan before bed. I'm serious!

View from our upstairs deck.

Across the street.

Thursday night after dinner.

Mom joined us on Tuesday afternoon and that night we drove to Morehead City and met my Uncle David and Aunt Sharon for dinner. They drove down from their house to see us. Wednesday was the only bad day we had where it rained so Uncle David and Sharon came over and we just relaxed, read and watched the Olympics while Benjamin entertained us. We had a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant very close to the house. By then it had stopped raining. We said goodbye to Uncle David and Sharon and we enjoyed their visit.

Mom was supposed to head back on Thursday but we convinced her to stay an extra day and we were able to hang out on the beach. Benjamin really loved building things and we were able to build a couple sand castles as well as a couple stadiums.

Mom headed home Friday after breakfast and we hope she had a nice time seeing us. This is one of the reasons why we like to rent a house, there's plenty of room for family and friends to drop by and visit.

Speaking of family visits, Joseph and his family came back on Friday and had dinner. We steamed some crabs and just enjoyed the time together. Sadly, they had to go home Friday night and we had to pack. We headed home early Saturday morning. For me it is always sad when vacation ends.

During the vacation I thought I managed my diabetes well. I did my best to watch what I ate when we went out and I got my exercise by walking on the beach early in the AM. I managed to use the Emerald Isle fitness center on Wednesday as it was raining and I was unable to walk. The last night I went nuts on the steamed crabs as these were delicious.

We loved our beach house and we plan to rent this same place next year. Benjamin saw a lot of neat things, including porpoises and a family of deer close to our house. There are things we had hoped to do but we weren't able to get to them so we'll keep these on our list for next year. I don't know what else to add except we love the area a lot and will have many more great times there in the future.

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