Sunday, August 03, 2008

Part II, Sometimes I Wonder...

....Is this really my kid?

Last night at Mass we were in our usual place in the parents/cry room when the collection basket came. Benjamin is the one who drops our envelopes in the basket and calls this "Money Man" time. Tonight he handled his duties well with both collections, then he remembered he had four quarters in his pocket that Weena had given him earlier in the day for his piggy bank.

So he pulled the quarters out and was playing with them when he asked me "Daddy, can I give money to the Money Man?"

I told him sure thing but the Money Man just left. I said if he wanted to he could put something in the poor box. He said "Ok Daddy, let's go now". So we went to where the poor box was located in the lobby and I showed Benjamin how to put money in the slot. He asked me where does the money go? I told him it went to less fortunate people who need money for food and clothes.

He takes a quarter and drops it in the slot, smiles and says "Ok Daddy, let's go."

I was speechless, proud and just shaking my head in amazement when we went back to our seats. I told Weena what he did and she smiled and says maybe he's going to be a Priest.

Benjamin turns three in October.

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