Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Tough Loss Ends A Great Run

The Redskins lost to the Seattle Seahawks 35-14 in their first round playoff game. The fact that this team even made the playoffs after all that has happened this year was incredible. They lost to Buffalo the week that their best player Sean Taylor was shot and killed and their record stood at 5-7. However, they won their last four games to get to 9-7 and a Wild Card spot in the playoffs against the Seahawks.

They had a 14-13 lead headed into the 4th quarter but Seattle scored two touchdowns within a 28 second time span and that was it for the Redskins. Disappointing end to the season but Redskins fans should be proud of the effort today and the past month.

Looking ahead, there are a lot of question marks now that the season is over. Does Coach Joe Gibbs return for a fifth season in his second stint with the team? What will the team do to improve while juggling the salary cap numbers? Will free agents QB Todd Collins and RB Rock Cartwright be brought back? It's always an interesting off-season for the Redskins. Here's hoping Coach Gibbs comes back though. There was a rumor out that he was offered a two year extension that would take him through the 2010 season. I believe Gibbs will be 70 years old then. Personally, I hope he comes back. He did an amazing job this past month rallying the team and is a beloved figure in this town.

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