Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thanks Coach Gibbs!

Joe Gibbs resigned as Head Coach of the Washington Redskins today. The Hall of Fame coach insisted that he needed to be closer to his family in North Carolina. On the news tonight he recalled seeing videos of his family and grand kids and he realized he wasn't in most of the videos so that's when it hit him he needed to be home more.

Gibbs said he plans to spend part of his time in the Washington DC area and would do anything he could to help add to the Redskins' three Super Bowl championships. But Gibbs said he would not have an official position with the team.

This season Gibbs has often spoken publicly of his desire to spend more time with family, particularly after a grandson was diagnosed a year ago with leukemia.

The murder of safety Sean Taylor took a further toll on Gibbs as well.

The Redskins are in decent shape and I think QB Jason Campbell is going to be a very interesting player next year. The right move would be for Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams to get a second shot as a Head Coach and see if they can't build on the foundations Gibbs has put in place.

I do think Gibbs erred in bringing in Al Saunders and trying to "spice up" the Redskins offense. They haven't really had a top-notch receiving corps since Gibbs came back, but they have had a fairly deep backfield. They have a decent defense but an offense that, for the most part, is without identity.

They're an 7-9 to 9-7 caliber football team. In today's NFL, that's not necessarily a bad thing to build from.

His record in his comeback was 31-36 but Gibbs restored order and respect to an organization that lacked it. He was a good coach and a better person. Now he can go be a Hall of Fame Grandpa!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. He deserves time with his family. More guys should realize that! Mom