Monday, December 31, 2007

Memory Lane

I was looking through some old photographs and thought I'd end the year sharing these. I put a picture of myself and Benjamin together just so there is a shot of us at the same age.

Here I am in 1964, age two and a half. Here is Benjamin at age two.

WWB Jr, WWB III and WWB IV together, Christmas 1966 and my kindergarten class picture from 1966.

This is the last post of 2007. This blog is a little over two years old now. It's hard to believe I'm still writing it as I wasn't sure how long it would go on when I started it. Its turned out to be a nice archive for Benjamin to enjoy when he gets older, he can see what was going on during the time he was born and when he was growing up.

To a happier and healthier 2008--Cheers!

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