Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Day Off In DC

Very rarely do I have time off where I can just knock around DC. Today I took advantage of a beautiful Winter day and did just that. I'm off until January 7 when I start a new job (long story, short the one I took this past June didn't work out).

I started with the goal of going to the Edward Hopper Exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. First I stopped by the National Air and Space Museum. Here are some pictures I took from there.



The Spirit of St. Louis

I made it to the Hopper exhibit and it was crowded but I blended in and saw what I wanted to see, including his best known painting Nighthawks.

Here is another favorite of mine painted in 1940 titled Gas

Cruised up Pennsylvania Avenue for a bit

Dropped by the President's house

Got some lunch here at an old favorite hangout when I worked in downtown DC The Bottom Line on 17th and I Streets NW before heading home to pick up Benjamin from day care.

Got some much needed walking done during this day. If you are in the DC area, by all means check out the Hopper Exhibit. Best of all it is free!

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Anonymous said...

You must have had a great day! I can't believe the Bottom Line is still there! Hopper exhibit looked great! Enjoy the weekend! Happy New Year!