Thursday, October 04, 2007

Benjamin's Progress Report

Benjamin received his progress report today. He is in the Toddler group at his day care (18-24 months) and he is currently being integrated into the Two's group, where he will be full time when he turns two in late October. We are very pleased with his progress to date. This was written by his teacher and I thought about scanning it in but it would be much clearer if I just wrote it out.

Language and Literacy
Benjamin is a very smart child. He is able to use multiple word sentences as well as understand them. He is able to follow directions when asked with little to no problems.

I=Introduced B=Beginning D=Developing M=Mastery

Speaking Skills
Points to and names familiar objects-D
Uses two word sentences-D
Refers to self by name-D
Imitates new words/animal sounds-D
Builds a vocabulary of 100 words-D

Listening Skills
Listens to five minute story with pictures-D
Points to objects when named-D
Responds to simple one step directions-D
Responds to simple two step directions-D
Responds to simple questions with “yes/no”-B

Turns familiar pictures right side up-B
Enjoys being read to-D
Pretends to read book-D (though in the above picture he was actually reading this book)
Shows sustained interest in pictures-D

Benjamin is able to count from 1-10 and say his ABC’s with no problems. He can recognize shapes and sizes during circle time and quiet puzzle time.

Numbers and Number Sense
Tells which is one and which is many-B
Repeats numbers 1 to 10-D
Understands the number concept of 1-D
Understands the number concept of 2-B

Remembers where things are kept-D
Nests or stacks 3 rings-D
Points to and names simple shapes-M
Points to and names common colors-M
Begins to understand big/little-M
Begins to sort by color or size-D

Retrieves an object that has rolled out of sight-D
Attempts to place shape blocks in correct holes and changes holes if object does not fit-M

The World and Me
Benjamin is able to fully participate in all activities. He watches his surroundings and applies what he sees to his daily routine.

Shows preferences, likes and dislikes-D
Recognizes self in photograph-M
Tries to manage own behavior-D
Engages in parallel play-D
Participates in finger plays and songs-D
Pays attention to other children-D
Begins to show awareness of other children’s feelings-D
Plays purposefully with toys-D
Assists in picking up toys-M
Helps to dress and undress self-M
Attempts to put on shoes-M
Begins to indicate wet or soiled diaper-M
Washes and dries hands with help-M
Drinks from a cup without a lid-D
Begins to use utensils-M

Benjamin needs little to no help during art activities. His motor skills are very advanced.

Scribbles using whole arm movement-D
Imitates vertical crayon stroke-D
Scribbles to fill the paper-D
Puts items into a container-M
Manipulates play dough through squeezing or pounding-D
Places blocks in a row-B
Stacks a tower of two or three blocks-D
Imitates motions of finger play-D
Tries to throw a ball-M
Walks backward and sideways-D
Turns around-M
Tries to jump in place-M


Secret Agent Mama said...

Hi Bill! It's Mishelle from the Village (formerly mamamia at TT). Just wanted to say that I think you are a top notch Daddy and it shows in Benjamin!!

Much love XOXOX

Bill-DC said...

Thanks! I am learning more and more each day as he grows and learns. Truly the greatest time of my life!