Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Benjamin's New Toy

In the Summer we usually see rabbits out in the neighborhood during the day and in the evening when we take Benjamin out for his walk. They are harmless, generally hanging out and nibbling on grass and fleeing when people get near them. Since it has been very hot here the last couple days, wild animals will do anything to stay cool. This morning as I was leaving the house, I discovered a small hole with a lot of dirt and mulch moved around. I covered it up and went to work. Today I came home and saw that during the day the dirt had been moved around again. I took some dirt and rocks from the wooded area in the back yard and filled up the hole. Then I went to the hardware store and got a stone ornament to put over area and hopefully this will discourage further digging.

At the hardware store, I saw this plastic owl and since Benjamin loves owls, I decided to get this for him. This is supposed to be used in a garden to scare off animals but it put a big smile on Benjamin's face instead.

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