Thursday, July 19, 2007

Benjamin the Music Critic

Not a whole lot going on this week. My Mom was up visiting and got to spend some quality time with Benjamin. During this time we kept playing over and over Benjamin's favorite song, "The Wheels on the Bus" from his Baby Einstein CD collection.

Last night I decided to add a couple versions of this song from iTunes and I selected Tree House Kids. It's got a nice beat to it and I heard previews of the album and I liked it. With a trip to North Carolina coming up, I may end up purchasing this for the ride to keep Benjamin occupied.

The one version of the song I thought was interesting was this by Roger Daltrey and Laura Hall. Daltrey voices the character named Argon the Dragon, who is the driver of the bus and tells everyone to "Move on back".

I broke these out this morning and on the drive over to Benjamin's day care we listened to them. When we got to day care, he wanted to stay in the car and listen more. So instead of doing that, I explained we had to go but we could go over to see the busses that were in the parking lot. Benjamin was happy and singing each part as I showed him where the wheels, the door and the wipers were.

Tonight when I got home, he was begging to hear his favorite song and I started to play all three versions. When they came on, he didn't want to hear the Baby Einstein or Treehouse Kids version. He was excited to hear the Roger Daltrey version. After we listened to it, I started to play the other versions again and he said "No, No, No! Move on back!".

So I downloaded this tonight:

Benjamin's got quite a music collection with almost 500 songs on my iPod. After he was born, we got a lot of nice children's CD's as gifts which I downloaded. I also went to the public library and borrowed some other children's music CD's. Having his music to go has been great. Between the JBL Soundstage and iTrip gadget, we can hear music and stories anywhere.

Next week I introduce him to Springsteen.

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