Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts from the 7-11 Parking Lot

I may make this a regular feature because it's really the only time in my day when my head is clear and I'm constantly looking for fresh ideas to make this blog interesting. Part of my daily routine is stopping by the 7-11 every morning around 6:15 to get my coffee and newspaper. On the radio is XM142, The First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban and Scott Linn. I like this show because it's a nice mix of sports, pop culture and both these guys are parents of young kids, which I can relate to since I'm a parent.

Today the opening topic is the tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday in which 32 people were killed and several more were injured. Steve is talking about how this is a parent's worst nightmare and he said being a parent is like being a secret service agent 24/7. "Don't go there, hey, get down from there and don't throw that"…When they reach a certain age, the secret service job stops and you are constantly worried about them when they aren't around. Whether they are driving around with friends, away at school, even being out on their own, they are always on your mind (Right Mom?). So I was thinking about this in the parking lot while sipping my coffee before I drove off. When I got to work I fired off an e-mail to the program, which was read on air at 8:15 this morning.

Normally I like to send you e-mails about the junk that goes on in sports, just to get a laugh or two. It's cool to contribute to the show when you ask for text messages and my co-worker and I laugh when ours are read. Today, you nailed it this AM with regards to your kids. I've got a son a year and a half old and there is not a moment in my day where I don't think about him at his day care. Easily the best part of my day is when I see him and he comes over to hug me. You feel secure, relieved and very happy. Then when you get home, the "secret service" begins as he's constantly exploring new things to do and places to go.

This tragedy at VA Tech scares the hell out of me because something like this can happen any time, any place. But you can't live in fear, you just keep on, keeping on.

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