Thursday, May 25, 2006

Benjamin is Seven Months Old!

He's rolling around now and will be crawling soon. He's about 20 pounds and a little over 28 inches tall. He likes the jazz and classical music we play for him from the iPod (Best invention ever!). He's discovered how to play "peek a boo" with his burp cloth. He'll cover his face and I'll ask out loud "Where is Benjamin?" and he takes the cloth off his face and smiles and I yell "Peek a boo, I love you!". June 5th he begins day care and while I know he will thrive in the environment, he really loves being around people, I'm very nervous. All is well with the little guy. He's healthy, happy and a joy to be around. My little buddy.

These are the most recent pictures of Benjamin. Double click to enlarge the photo. Enjoy!


UnknownColumn said...

It looks like you haven't taught him about soccer balls and not using your hands.

You have him on a strict training regimen yet?

Bill-DC said...

Right now he has the cat like reflexes of a goalie and he's roughly half the size of Nick Rimando, last year's starting goalie for D.C. United

I've got to set up a little obstacle course for him in the basement. I need to get some of those little orange traffic cones.