Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Foot of Heavy, Wet Snow

Yesterday afternoon it started to sleet and snow. It didn't deter me as I went to the Caps hockey game and by the time I left the MCI Center and got to Bethesda to pick up my car, there were about three inches accumulated. I drove slowly on the way home and for the most part, the beltway, Dulles Toll Road and Route 28 were fine, with road crews having salted these roads earlier. The exit ramps left a bit to be desired though but I got home ok around 10:30 PM. This morning we got this: A foot of heavy, wet snow.



While this storm proved to be inconvenient for some, the usual hysteria that comes with a DC area snowfall was pretty much absent because this fell on a weekend. Monday's commute won't be a breeze as this melting snow will likely refreeze overnight Sunday. I am thankful I decided to get new tires on my car two weeks ago after passing the 65,000 mile mark.

It's been a relatively mild winter here and if this is all we get, I'll take it. There is something that fired me up today after I got the paper. Pitchers and catchers for the Nationals report to Florida for Spring Training this week.

Nats Spring Training Preview

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David Lifton said...

Look at it this way, Bill. Only 8 more years until you can make Benjamin shovel it all...