Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Benjamin is 4 Months Old

Hard to believe that over four months have passed by since Benjamin was born. He's been a blessing to Weena and I and our entire family.

He's very alert and active. He loves his floor gym and when seated in our laps, he likes to look around the room to check his surroundings out. He laughs and smiles a lot when I come home from work, which is the best part of my day. At 5:30 he and I sit in the rocking chair and watch a little TV. We like to watch Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. I guess those two talking loudly about sports gets his attention.

He loves to smile and ham it up for the camera as you can see here.

On Friday, Benjamin goes to see the doctor for his four month check up and shots. He was pretty tough the last time he got his shots during his two month appointment in December.

He is healthy, happy and our little miracle. Life is good.


UnknownColumn said...

Nice call on the PTI. Those two guys are awesome - and you certainly don't want the young tyke being bombarded with Woody Paige or Jay Mariotti at such a young age (or ever). He might never recover.

UnknownColumn said...

...or God forbid, Skip Bayless! How could I forget him? Keep your kid away from Bayless at all costs.

Bill-DC said...

He hasn't been in the room much when I watch the Terps play this year. Too many four letter words slip out and I don't think it would be cool if his first couple words is *&%$ Ibekwe!