Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hershey Park


We took a long weekend to Hershey Park during Ben's Spring Break from school. Hershey Park was open for a three weekend abbreviated Spring Session and we took advantage of the weather to tour both the zoo and park.

It was a nice adventure, all three of us had a blast and plan to go back again soon.
For a slide show, just click on any photo. Enjoy!

Friday afternoon at Zoo America
Hershey, PA

Ben getting up close

Mommy and Ben having fun

Ben took this photo of Mommy and Daddy

Needles in a hay stack aka Porcupine


Beep Beep! Roadrunner looking for Wile E. Coyote. If you see a package from ACME, run!

Gila Monster

Saturday at Hershey Park
Ben getting warm thanks to Mommy's coat

Anticipation and excitement!

Ben seeing what rides he is eligible for

Not too crowded during Spring season.

Future pilot

Ben and a pal during the Frog Hopper ride

Ben hauling a large load here

From the Monorail

Old Hershey plant

Bear was up and about. Friday he was sound asleep when we were there

Ride Anticipation I



Ride Anticipation II


This wasn't the ride Ben and I went on but I like taking roller coaster shots

Hershey's Chocolate World to end the day

Welcome to a place better than the mooooo-vies!

Sheets of chocolate

Gabby, Harmony and Olympia talking about milk's importance during the chocolate making process

A lot of kisses!

Ben said he wanted to mooooo-ve here.

Mommy and Ben get "kissed"

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