Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Soccer Begins!

No only did Ben start first grade today, he also started Fall soccer. He is in the Under 7 age group and this means he plays on a larger field and with bigger goals.

Tonight he took advantage of the extra room and did his drills flawlessly. He loves the sport and it is hard to believe this is his seventh session since 2009 (4 Spring, 3 Fall). In watching Ben's first practice, I like his team a lot. He has two school mates on the team and also a co-worker's son is on the team as well. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this Fall season.

Ben before practice

Goal cam!

Ben and Jerome working on a drill

Learning the beautiful game

Ben during dribbling drill, making it look easy!

Nicholas tries to dribble past Ben

Ben during a ball control drill

Here's to a great Fall season!

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