Sunday, April 17, 2011

South Lakes Soccer Revisited

South Lakes played George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church this past Friday. I've enjoyed covering South Lakes this season and submitting photos to Reston Patch, an online newspaper.

For this game I decided to bring Benjamin along as I told my friend Jesus, an assistant coach for South Lakes, that I would bring him to a game just so he can understand the game better.

I was glad I did as in the second half, I decided to take pictures from the end where South Lakes attacked. A few instances, the ball would go out of play and Benjamin enthusiastically would chase after the ball and either throw it back to a player of give it to a ball kid.

One of the other ball kids noticed this and came over to ask if Benjamin wanted to help him out. Benjamin was thrilled and I moved over to where they were stationed. Benjamin learned what needed to be done when balls went out of play and he was so happy to be part of the team and I was proud of the way he did his job.

Turned out it was the Marshall coach's son who introduced himself to Benjamin. After the game he took Benjamin around to meet players, sit in on the post game talk (South Lakes won their their third straight here, 1-0) and he even met some of the Marshall supporters, taking home a cup cake for his efforts.

After he said his goodbyes to everyone involved with the Marshall team, he hung out with Coach Jesus before we had to go.

Just an outstanding evening and it was really cool how one boy and his act of kindness made another boys night. I took time to e-mail the coach at Marshall to let him know how appreciative I was of his son's gesture.

Here are some game pics and Benjamin's evening.

South Lakes scores on this play

1-0 South Lakes!

Benjamin's ball kid debut

Marshall's post game meeting

Benjamin and Coach Jesus after the game

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