Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Years!

This blog is five years old this month and Benjamin is also five years old. I decided to go back in the photo archives of Casa Benjamin and post the five pictures of Benjamin that mean the most to me. This was hard to do but I'm pleased with my selections.

Here was Benjamin during his first day in the world. He was cleaned up, fed and tucked away like a little bundle. I believe Weena was asleep when I took this shot so it was just Benjamin and I hanging out, getting to know one another.

This has long been a favorite of mine. Benjamin is almost two months old here and I was just amazed at him and couldn't believe how tiny he was when I got the idea to do a hand comparison.

I submitted this picture to The Washington Post shortly after Benjamin learned how to walk. At five years old he still assists his Lolo. Here is the note I sent to the Post.

A Good Soul Lends a Helping Hand
Just about the time he first learned to walk, my son, Benjamin, sensed there was something a little different about his grandfather, who is blind.

Benjamin watched as he maneuvered around the house with his cane. And then, with help from my wife and mother-in-law, he learned how to take him by the arm and escort him to the table for each meal. He does this with love and a smile.

February 2010, Benjamin was asked to be an escort at Marc and Julie's wedding so here he is escorting Madelyn down the aisle. He's very confident here. The truth is I only got one picture of this moment as I stood in the pew realizing that Benjamin is growing up so fast. Seeing this hit me hard and I got a little choked up watching him. Very proud moment.

April 2010 at his soccer session. The reason why I like this a lot is his smile. He's really enjoying himself here.


Edie Mindell said...

I love your choice of most cherished pictures.:-) I love the topmost picture where he was just a day old. He is very cute.:-)

Bill-DC said...

Thank you Edie. We are very blessed with Benjamin. It was hard to select just five out of the thousands of pictures we've taken but I feel I picked the best that reflect who Benjamin is.