Sunday, July 04, 2010

Nats Baseball From The Front Row

Today I was in the front row, past third base and what a view! Nats lost 9-5 and it was hot but nothing beats an afternoon at the ball yard. As usual, click on the pics for a larger shot.

Flag over Nats Park. Two fire trucks held it high so it soared proudly.

Mets Pitcher Hisanori Takahashi before the game.

Cue up John Fogerty's "Centerfield" here...

Angel Pagan, Mets CF

Nats infielders Cristian Guzman and Alberto Gonzalez warm up.

Before the playing of the National Anthem.

Servicemen were introduced before the game. I love this pic.

Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman

Nats Pitcher Craig Stammen warms up.

First pitch from Craig Stammen.

Mets CF Angel Pagan at bat.

Craig Stammen pitches.

Not a big fan of the Mets but I like their 3B David Wright.

Mets Jason Bay heads for third.

Mets Jason Bay seeking to score another run.

Mets 3B David Wright

Mets Pitcher Hisanori Takahashi

Nats Cristian Guzman

Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn awaits the pitch...

Swing and a miss. Dunn struck out three times.

Mets 3B David Wright. Yeah, the seats were really close to the action.

Nats Alberto Gonzalez at bat.

And in the field.

Nats LF Josh Willingham plays the ball off the fence.

Mets Pitcher Hisanori Takahashi at bat.

Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman at bat.

Tough outing for Nats Pitcher Craig Stammen

Nats Relief Pitcher Miguel Batista.

Mets Jason Bay connects.

Mets Jason Bay on second looking to score another Mets run. Tough day for the Nats.

3B Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman goes deep!

Mets 3B David Wright after the Zimmerman blast.

Mets 3B David Wright at bat.

And in the field

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