Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Montreal wins another road game 7

Game 7, Eastern Conference Semi-finals
Montreal 5, Pittsburgh 2

For those keeping score, that scrappy #8 seed in the East has:

Knocked off the team that had the best record in hockey (Washingon Capitals).

Knocked off the team that won the Stanley Cup last year (Pittsburgh Penguins).

Both game seven's were on the road.

Respect the Montreal Canadiens. I did watching them in the mid and late '70's when I first became a hockey fan and they won four straight Stanley Cups. I did two weeks ago as they beat the heavily favored Caps here at Verizon Center. They are just a good, solid and patient team.

As painful as it was seeing the Caps lose to them two weeks ago, I'll admit I had a smile on my face seeing the Canadiens beat the Penguins. Can't gloat too much though as the Caps still have yet to win a Stanley Cup.

I'm rooting for Montreal the rest of the way.

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Mia said...

I agree - I'm going with the Habs as well. It was nice to see Montreal take out the Penguins and as Caps fans - we have to take our solace where we can get it! have a good weekend!